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CrossFit is hard. Back2back is very good at helping correct form and technique. Workouts are well developed and leave you tired. Each day focuses on different muscle groups, so you can go everyday.

Scott Huntley

I was looking for a place where i could get a challenging workout yet a place where they could the coaches here are awesome and so are the classes for hot yoga and spinning ! Favorite gym ever. They are working on renovations consistently

Lau L.

Hands down best crossfit/all around gym in town. Coaches are amazing along with staff. Several different options depending on your level of fitness or desires. Class times to fit every schedule. I highly recommend this gym.

Scott S.

Great facility. I love the all in one stop for merchandise, nutrition, and fitness. I went to a competition here and I was impressed with everything and the size of the venue. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area!

Joe Aleman

I like how it has a lot of space wheelchair friendly in my opinion and the amount of workout equipment it has is enough for me...I would definitely recommend

Emilio Jesus Bonilla Avila

Hands down best gym in Bakersfield. Excellent staff, top of the line equipment, a wide variety of classes, there is something for everyone.

Francisca M.
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